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Breast Tomosynthesis

The early detection of breast cancer using screening mammography significantly reduces mortality. However, conventional mammography still has a significant rate of both false negatives and false positives, particularly in younger women. Dexela has developed innovative technology for 3D breast imaging, which aims to reduce both false negatives and false positives. Dexela has developed a leading intellectual property position covering powerful methods to acquire, process and visualize data from 3D X-ray breast imaging. Dexela is working in this field through collaborative agreements with medical device manufacturers.

Dexela has developed new methods for optimised tomosynthesis acquisition, reconstruction and visualization. Dexela's optimised tomosynthesis acquisition methods include variable spacing of projections, variable angular velocity and variable energy and radiation dose. Dexela's advanced tomosynthesis reconstruction software employs an iterative, statistical approach to minimise artefacts and maximise contrast.

Dexela offers a range of technologies and services to assist OEMs in the implementation of tomosynthesis capable acquisition systems and workstations, including IP licencing, consultancy and custom software development.